Center for River Basin Organizations and Management

Leadership training for IWRM proficiency

The training session was organized by CRBOM in collaboration with PJT1 and other partners. There were 29 participants, mostly from river basin organizations all over Indonesia. Facilitation was provided by Dr. Hastaning Sakti and professor S. Budi Prayitno, both from ...

ADB Water Learning Week

In addition to ADB staff, the event assembled 100 participants from 20 countries, including representatives from government and UN bodies, RBOs, water corporations, development organizations, knowledge centres and universities, Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), NARBO, Af ...

1st NARBO Executive Retreat on Leadership in River Basins

The event was organized by NARBO and its secretariat, and was co-organized and hosted by PJT1. It assembled 32 participants, including RBO leaders, other IWRM executives, special guests, moderators, resource persons and organizers, with representatives from Bangladesh, ...

Leadership for IWRM workshop: 'Preparing our river basins for the future'

The workshop addressed organizational and personal leadership in support of good basin-level governance. It was organized by CRBOM in collaboration with ADB, NARBO, and PJT1. The 62 participants represented 27 Indonesian RBOs, and ADB, Deltares and Jica. The workshop ...

Bengawan Solo Water Council Meeting and 2nd Stakeholder Workshop

Bengawan Solo Water Council (TKPSDA) has 32 members from government bodies (including BBWS-BS and PJT1) and 32 non-governmental representatives. Day 1 was a regular Council meeting (held 3 times per year), with invited guests from Jica, peer advisers from Cambodia, t ...

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